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What is a Munch

What Is A Munch?

A   munch is a casual social gathering of BDSM folks. Usually held at a "vanilla" restaurant or pizza place, and serves as a social meeting place.

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Most munches are  non fetish and do NOT allow displays of toys, fetish wear or behavior that is overtly "adult".  Generally speaking munches are intended as a gateway to the community for those who are new to the group/lifestyle, and are supposed to be friendly non threatening environments.

Munches use local businesses as a meeting place, and  often have arrangements with the business owner that they will bring in a certain amount of revenue, in exchange for the meeting space. It is generally expected that most folks will order something to eat or drink. If there are expectations that  a dollar amount must be met, the munch organizer normally lets newcomers know this .

Munches that request a per person fee, or donation, are usually providing drinks or food, or are funding the group's other activities.

There are munches and events where those lacking funds to order or to donate are NOT turned away, and usually this information is included in the munch announcement or via a private contact with the group organizer.


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