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  1. HBDSMC is an open email list for the discussion of BDSM, . Avoid discussing unrelated matters on the list.
  2. If you are under 18, or are not interested in the discussion of BDSM, leather and fetish in a sex-positive atmosphere, please unsubscribe.
  3. Discussion is encouraged, but keep it civil. Personal attacks and name-calling are prohibited.
  4. Please maintain the confidentiality of the list. Forwarding HBDSMC messages without the author's permission is prohibited.
  5. Use of this list for illegal activities, or the discussion and promotion of illegal activities is prohibited.
  6. "Personal Ads" on the list are prohibited. There are plenty of kink-friendly personal ad services on the web.
  7. Unless you can add something to a discussion, please don't reply. Sending a one-line "I agree" or "me too" does not add substantially to a discussion.
  8. When responding to a message, unless absolutely necessary don't quote the whole message. Try to only include as much of the original message as is necessary to preserve the context of what you're responding to.
  9. Messages with attached files are prohibited. 
  10. Any activities which make life difficult for the admin team are highly discouraged.


  1. The admin team has been given the power to enforce these rules, and has been given the latitude to exercise their best judgment in enforcing these rules.
  2. Enforcement may include ending a discussion topic/thread and/or removal of members from the list. Warning before removal is not required.
  3. If you wish to discuss list rules or operation, please send your comments to . The HBDSMC discussion list is not the place for these discussions.


  1. The email address for HBDSMC is If you have an address book entry for HBDSMC in your email program, please ensure it's set to
  2. The interface to unsubscribe or change your options can be found at .
  3. If you haven't, read the "Core Rules of Netiquette" at please do so. You'll be glad you did, and so will the other folks on the list.
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