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Who can participate in the  Humboldt BDSM Connection ?

Humboldt BDSM Connection is intended for those over the age of 18 who reside in or near Humboldt county and have an interest in the BDSM lifestyle. We are a pansexual community. 

I am new to BDSM, what is this group about?

HBDSMC welcomes individuals of all levels of experience to join us in our efforts to create a community of BDSM folk in Humboldt county. HBDSMC is a community resource center, a social meeting place, and an educational information source. We will strive to create an open communication between our community and the greater BDSM community as a whole, and to serve as an active gateway to the information and educational resources needed by those individuals interested in exploring alternative sexuality.

How do I become a member of the HBDSMC ?

If you are over the age of 18 and interested in exploring the BDSM lifestyle, you are eligible to become a member of HBDSMC. Simply join our mailing list, and follow the instructions in the welcome message. We ask that all new members introduce themselves to the list. 

Are there requirements of membership ?

You must be over 18, and able to give informed consent to participating in discussions, events, email lists and websites pertaining to and involving alternative sexuality and or the BDSM lifestyle.

What rules or guidelines are there for participation in HBDSMC?


  1. HBDSMC is a pansexual organization. Focusing on BDSM topics. 
  2. You must be over the age of 18, and interested in the discussion of BDSM
  3. .
  4. Please maintain the confidentiality of the organization and the individual members of HBDSMC. If you have questions or concerns about confidentiality please read HERE.
  5. HBDSMC will not tolerate  or condone  illegal activities,  the discussion and promotion of illegal activities is prohibited in all of the forums hosted by HBDSMC.
  6. All participation in HBDSMC is voluntary and requires informed consent of all participants.
  7. HBDSMC has a strict no drug/alcohol policy. Any participant who is found to be under the influences of these substances will be escorted from the event/premises.



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