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BDSM Symbols:

The most Widely recognized BDSM symbol is Tony De Blase's Leather Pride Flag. Another symbol of BDSM that has been showing up a lot is this triskelion (a swirl of three legs or branches emanating from a central point, also called a triskele). This symbol, called the BDSM Emblem by its originator, Quagmyr, is related to similar figures with Celtic and oriental roots, but differs officially in having "eyes" that open to the background instead of closed dots. More information on the history and meanings of these symbols can be found at the linked sites.

Leather Pride Flag Leather Pride Flag
BDSM Emblem BDSM Emblem


Where can I learn more about all these new terms I see relating to bdsm ? 

The deviants dictionary has a comprehensive site explaining the terminology. Please refer to the following url for more information on specific term definitions.


Tops, Bottoms, Submissives Dominants, Masters, Slaves Who and what are they?



What does "Flagging" mean?

Flagging by wearing something in a back pocket has nothing to do with ordinary flags. Wearing a flag (keys or a handkerchief) hanging from one's back pocket to indicate interests has a long tradition in gay communities and is also observed by many folks doing BDSM.

Traditionally, a top flags (that is, wears the pocketed item) on the left, and a bottom on the right. The recognized hanky color for SM is black. Many hanky code colors are fairly obscure, but if you are looking for a list, you can check out Elf's.



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